Pricing can make – or break – a SaaS organization.

Many companies otherwise set up for success fail or hold themselves back based on improper pricing, either unable to find price-market fit from the beginning or unwilling to evolve their model along with their company and market's needs.

OpenView Venture Partners pricing experts, Partner Blake Bartlett and Senior Director of Market Strategy Kyle Poyar, joined host and CodeScience CEO Brian Walsh to share real-life examples and actionable pricing strategies that position SaaS businesses for success.

The webinar covered:

  • Why pricing can make or break your business
  • The 5 most common pricing mistakes for SaaS companies
  • Pricing examples both good and bad from other SaaS organizations
  • What roles and teams in your company should own pricing
  • Key takeaways for optimal pricing
  • Gotchas to avoid when pricing for the AppExchange
  • And more!

SaaS companies at any stage that haven't pored over pricing research and deeply considered pricing models won't want to miss this.

“This thing called ‘price’ is really, really important. The only difference between companies that succeed and fail is that the winners figured out how to make money. The winners thought deeply through the revenue, price, and business model." 

- Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer